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Leica Portrait: Jonathan Mannion

[vimeo 31871185 w=599 h=337] Leica sat down with one of the most, if not the most, prolific photographer in Hip Hop and pop culture. Jonathan Mannion has shot some of the most memorable images in...

Leica Portrait: Alessio Pizzicannella

[vimeo 22888944 w=599 h=337] I guess I'm on a Leica kick right now. I've never owned one but damn I'd love one. A year or two ago they came out with a white M8...

Leica Portrait: Ralph Gibson

[vimeo 22323335 w=601 h=338]Portrait: Ralph Gibson from leica camera on Vimeo. Leica sits down to talk to Ralph Gibson about his relationship and insights into photography and Leica. It's an interesting short interview that's worth...