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Red Bull Mini Drome Toronto Re-Cap

http://www.redbull.ca/cs/RedBull/flash/RBPlayerNew.swf?data_url=http://www.redbull.ca/cs/Satellite?c%3DRB_Video%26cid%3D1243101057744%26locale%3D1237405160176%26p%3D1242758645576%26pagename%3DRedBullCA%2FRB_Video%2FVideoPlayerDataXML This past Saturday Red Bull brought the worlds smallest velodrome to Toronto. I'd seen the videos from cities that had already had the event so when I heard it was coming here I had...

Red Bull Mini Drome Toronto

Tomorrow Red Bull brings Toronto the worlds smallest Velodrome. I've seen numerous videos from other cities that have hosted the event and have always wanted to check it out. For all the details...

Red Bull Worlds Smallest Mini Drome

Red Bull is bringing the worlds smallest Velodrome to London England. If your going to be in London on the 15th then check it out. It looks like it'll be a fun event. My...