Hudson’s Learning to Shred!


Hudson is 4 now (Hudson is my son) He hasn’t made much of an appearance on my site except on my Instagram feed but he’s an extremely rad kid who just got even radder. Our little man is learning how to snowboard. He’s expressed an interest for a while now (at least a year) so we finally pulled the trigger and got him a set-up for Christmas. Of course as soon he opened it and was so psyched to ride we got hit with a nasty cold snap but as soon as we could we got him out and the above video is the result.
Being someone who has loved snowboarding for the past 30ish years I can’t express the amount of joy it brought me to see my son being so interested in it as well. He seemed to really love it so we’re going to continue to encourage it and get out as a family as often as possible for more party laps and hopefully more videos.