gfx_topYeah I know I’m way late on this but when I took a look at my site and saw the last camera I’ve posted on was the Hasselblad X1D and not my own companies new medium format gem of a camera I had to do something about it.

When I posted about the X1D I was not aware of the GFX so all comments made in that post I stand by. That said, since seeing the GFX my opinions of the X1D have changed.

On September 19th when FUJIFILM announced it would be entering the medium format mirrorless arena with the GFX I got so stoked and filled with an enormous sense of pride. I’ve worked for FUJIFILM Canada for the past three years and in that time we’ve released a number of very exciting cameras but this was the first time we’ve stolen the show. The GFX stole this past years Photokina hands down and for good reason. What the GFX has brought to the table is not just a cool new camera but rather it reintroduces the medium format camera system back into the vernacular and hands of real working photographers. This has been missing from the arena for the past 15+ years where the only digital medium format cameras were reserved for the very elite of the industry due to their astronomical price tags. Medium format has always demanded a premium over it’s 35mm equivalent (and that’s fine, it’s to be expected) but when the world switch from film to digital the cost of a digital 35mm maybe tripled, the cost of digital medium format went up ten fold and it was at that time it fell off the map. Everything became about “full frame” and it became the benchmark because that was the highest level of attainable quality your average working photographer could afford. Now with cameras like the X1D and the GFX that ten fold gap has been shrunk back down to a manageable premium and that’s absolutely fantastic. Once again photographers will be able to benefit from the quality advantages of medium format without having to take out a second mortgage on their homes.
Why does the GFX trump (man I hate that term now) the X1D? In my opinion it all comes down to usability. The weather sealing, the tilty/flippy LCD screen, the optional manoeuvrable EVF are all very handy features for a working pro which the X1D has none of. When you combined that with FUJINON’s incredible glass and FUJIFILM’s phenomenal image processor and experience you just know the GFX is going to blow minds.
Having had a chance to get my hands on it, albeit with a non-working, early prototype I can tell you it feels great in the hands. It’s well balanced, bigger than an X Series but much smaller than the medium formats of yesteryear. FUJIFILM G format will feature a 43.8 × 32.9mm sensor with 51.4 Megapixels which is definitely larger than a full frame sensor. It’s not as large as a traditional 60x45mm medium format negative but those sensors are still astronomically expensive. I have to admit I do wish it had a leaf shutter but that’s more of an old timer medium format mind set than an actual hindrance.
A lot of the remaining details and final specs will be finalized when the camera is officially announced… a date that I can’t wait to arrive. When it does I’ll do what I can to get my hands it and will definitely share.

For more info on the GFX click HERE It’s going to be good.

Note: I didn’t make any mention of the Pentax 645Z and it’s affordability because I’ve never really seen it as a real competitor, I’ve never heard anything good about it other than it’s price tag.