Hasselblad X1D


2016 is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic year for photography and we haven’t even had Photokina yet! I love cameras (arguably as much as I love photography) but what I love most is game changers or cameras that throw a twist on the status quo. In fact, I hate the status quo… boring AF. I understand that everyone needs to make a buck but it makes everything so vanilla and there’s nothing exciting about that. So, every once in a while a product comes along that takes a risk and flips the bird that annoying ol’ status quo. Cameras that jump to mind are Fujifilm’s X100 series and X-Pro’s, well, most of the Fuji line in fact. The Leica Monochrome and recently announced M-D are also good examples and now today Hasselblad added the X1D to the list which is just incredible. The X1D is the worlds first medium format mirrorless camera. For a medium format camera it’s compact, light weight and looks like the perfect companion for photographer’s looking for uncompromised image quality. hasselblad-x1dScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.54.25 AM
Size wise it’s comparable to an X-Pro2 or Leica M. Perhaps a bit larger but nothing significant and still substantially smaller than a 5D MK-. Also notable in the above image is the size difference in the sensors. The 50mp Hasselblad’s sensor size is huge compared to that of a full frame DSLR. Bigger sensor, same megapixels = bigger pixels, bigger pixels = better dynamic range, less noise, better image quality and a whole lot of YES PELASE!
I really do believe this camera will be a game changer and I’m stoked on that. I’m going to see if I can get my hands on one at some point. I love medium format and while the X1D is still expensive I don’t think it’s over priced at all and should be attainable for that level of professional photographer or give it a couple of years pick one up that’s been lightly used by a wealthy dentist. Either way, the goal is to get my hands on one.
If your interested in specs you can see them HERE or check out all the great info HERE. I firmly believe that different cameras encourage you to shoot differently and when you put a medium format in your hands it encourages you (well me at least) to want to blow minds and push yourself to create the best images you can, otherwise you may as well shoot whatever. It is because of this that when I see an “attainable” medium format I get so amped. It also makes me very excited to see what the rest of the photo industry has in store for Photokina in September. 2016 has already seen some fantastic cameras and there should be some heavy hitters at Photokina and I’m really looking forward to that.