Through the Lens S02 Ep.15 Featuring Van Styles


Adorama’s Through the Lens series has been going strong for season 2. I’ve got to be honest I’ve been really sloppy about posting about it although I have been enjoying it. You can see the full series HERE or HERE (if you want more info to each story) if your interested. They’ve kept it diverse for season two which is nice seeing as Instagram seems to have really become much of the same in recent months making me loose a lot of interest in app.

That said, one of the photographers that I’ve always enjoyed was featured today… @Vanstyles. Yes he takes lots of great photos of beautiful women but that’s not my main draw to his work. I really like the diversity and stunning imagery and his obvious, sincere passion behind the craft of photography, not just the social media fame. He also does a pretty killer job of responding to his followers questions (on Tumblr) which I think is really commendable given the size of his following. He seems like a good dude. Anyhow, you can check out the video below… enjoy.