Forest City Velodrome: Track 1


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go out to London (Ontario) and learn how to ride a track for the first time at the Forest City Velodrome. The guys from Toronto Fixed did a great job organizing the day, rounding up 12 guys who have ridden track bikes for years but have never ridden them on a track before… go figure.

The day started out with a two hour drive out to London from Toronto which was a great opportunity to get to know the two guys I drove out there. Once we arrived we suited up and got right to it. Our instructor (Who’s name unfortunately escapes me) was great. He gave us a brief run down on track etiquette and a number of rules to follow and then sent us out to do some exercises. The course was two hours and $20 but worth every penny. After a few basic instructions we got to get out and have a few quick laps and get more comfortable on the track and it was amazing. The banking is so steep but once you lock in on it it’s just so rad.

All in all it was an incredible day out with a great bunch of guys. I’m really stoked to get out there again and get some more time on track and then do the Track 2 course to learn a bit more.

If you have the opportunity to go out and do it I highly recommend it. Like I said earlier, I’ve ridden track bikes for a few years now on the streets but it’s a totally different experience to actually ride them in their native habitat, on a track. It definitely feels as though that is where they are really meant to be.

Huge thanks to Doug and Toronto Fixed for organizing the event. It was such a blast and great to meet all the other guys that came out.

Until next time it’s track to the street… sorry, couldn’t resist.

Feb 18th Forest City Velodrome. First Day on a Track
Feb 18th Forest City Velodrome. First Day on a Track
Feb 18th Forest City Velodrome. First Day on a Track