Photo of the Day – Biking Toronto


So this morning I woke up all tired and groggy after an incredible / whirlwind weekend flying back and forth to the UK for my cousins wedding to find my phone dinging with a message about Flickr activity. I rolled over, check my phone and was extremely pleasantly surprised to find that two of my photos had been chosen for Photo of the Day by Biking Toronto. This is the second great piece of news I’ve had about my cycling photos in the past week. I’m so stoked to have had my photos chosen for Photo of the Day.

The amount of interest and positive feedback I’ve been receiving about my cycling photography recently is giving me further confidence that the book I’ll be creating on said cycling photography isn’t such a bad idea.

Here are the links to the two photos that were used.
#1 -> HERE
#2 -> HERE

Additionally I have just created a new page on my site that features my cycling photography which can be found HERE

Thanks again Biking Toronto, you made my day!