2nd Place in Rapha Cityscopes Photography Contest


I’m a bit late on this one but I couldn’t not post it. Last Thursday I was going through my the sites that I regularly check and all of a sudden was stopped dead in my tracks. I’d entered the Rapha Cityscopes 2012 Photography Contest back in May but I’d never heard anything about it so I’d kind of written it off. Well, it turns out that last Wednesday night they’d tallied up the results and selected the winners and lucky me got second place. I’m super stoked to have had my photo chosen. Head over to their site and check out the other finalists HERE.

I’ll post up some photos of my prize when it arrives.

UPDATE: They never sent me the prize. I’m truly disappointed at how poorly Rapha is run. I’ve seen that at least one of the winners received their prize a few weeks ago. Not sure what their deal is but I can certainly say that I won’t supporting them in any form again nor will I recommend them and I certainly wont waste my time entering any of their contests. At this point they can keep the prize. I’ve completely lost any respect I had for them.

Here’s the photo that did it for me. You can check out more of my cycling photos HERE