Turning a New Leaf


Well fall is in full effect here in Toronto and as the weather gets a bit colder and the days start getting shorter and shorter it’s easy to get a bit down. This used to be the time of year when I started getting really excited for the upcoming snowboard season but in recent years that desire for snow has been swapped out over a love for cycling season. That’s not to say that I still don’t love snowboarding, it’s just to say that I’ve come to love cycling more.

This weekend was the most noticeable shift for me, the moment I realized how much my priorities have changed. On the weekend after (Canadian) Thanksgiving Toronto has two big shows held at the EX. The Ski and Snowboard Show, a show I’ve worked almost every year except for the few years I lived out west and the Toronto International Bike Show. This was the first year I went to the Bike show and skipped out on the Snow Show. Some of that has to do with the extortionate cost of the Snow Show. $18 to enter plus parking if you have to drive is stupid to me, especially when you know your not buying anything. $5 on the other hand to get into the Bike show is much more reasonable and I needed a new basket for my trusty fixed gear. Well the basket thing didn’t happen.

For the past year I’ve been drooling, literally drooling over the Argon 18 Krypton. It, to me, is a thing of pure beauty. I wanted the Krypton because it was full carbon and in the price range I had in mind. I’ve been watching the prices on them, comparing them with similar bikes and have kept putting it off. Well today as I mentioned I went to window shop and buy myself a basket and well, walked out with a new Krypton. The price was right, right enough that my beloved wife was like “hell yeah buy it”… fuck I love her. Best wife ever! And that was that, we looked at each other and were like lets get out of here before I spend any more money.


I zipped home, threw some pedals on it and shot out for a little rip. It was just a quickie 15k but damn this thing is gorgeous. It rides amazing! As soon as I got outside it started to rain… bah! Fortunately I’d made another purchase recently. The Cadence 686 collab rain jacket. This was my first time really putting it to the test and it passed with flying colours. It’s light, clean and simple, keeps you dry and warm and is very obviously designed with cycling in mind. It was also on sale for a killer price so I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately it has since sold out but if you can find one I highly recommend it, or hopefully they do a similar collaboration again.

Cadence x 686 Project: Rain from cadence studios on Vimeo.


If you asked me 4 years ago when I started cycling again if I would ever ride a geared bike I would have laughed at you. I was all fixed gear all the way. As the years have gone on the rides have gotten longer and my desire to keep pushing has led me to the inevitable decision that a road bike needed to be added to my arsenal.  I’m obviously never going to be without a fixed, this is just a welcome addition. I can’t wait to start putting some serious mileage on this beaut.

Well, that’s in for my latest spending splurge summed up. It’ll be a long long while before I can afford anything else but hey, you’re not hearing any complaints from me. Fall ain’t so bad after all. Now lets hope we have a winter like the one we had last year so we can be out riding all year… fingers crossed.