East Side Ride


Ride #2! the East Side Ride.

This time we’ll be leaving from the Princes’ Gates at the Ex (Same as last ride) at 8am on August 11th and will be making our way east riding fixed gear (or single speed) to the Scarborough Bluffs for a quick rest and some photos before continuing on to the mouth of the Rouge River. Once there we’ll rest for a few before spinning around and heading back home.

It’s about 75-80km round trip and like last time this is a fun ride where no one will be left behind.

Bring enough food and drink to keep yourself going. I don’t think there is food at the turn around.

If it’s as fun as the last ride Fixed to Oakville it should be a great time. For photos of the last ride check out: http://www.rhyshastings.com/2012/07/28/fixed-to-oakville-recap-photoset/

NOTE: This is not an “organized” ride. I think of a destination I want to ride to, plot a route to get there and put out an open invitation for anyone that wants to join. I don’t know the route and have never ridden it before so there’s a good chance we will get lost somewhere along the way. It’s not a race just a fun ride at a good pace and a chance to ride and meet like minded people. Sorry for the “disclaimer” shit, I just want to make it clear as to what this event is.

What it really is is a ton of fun 🙂 Come out for a rip, take some photos and have some fun.

INSTAGRAM and TWITTER Hastags will be #TOEastSideRide

RSVP and invite friends via the facebook event page HERE

Here’s the estimated route map

See you bright and early.