Fixed To Oakville Recap & Photoset


Earlier this week I decided I wanted to ride this weekend. Normally I ride by myself but over the past couple of months I’ve met a few other riders in the city so I thought I’d put the word out and see if anyone wanted to join.

The ride (Fixed to Oakville) was this morning leaving from the Princes’ Gates at 8am and headed out to Oakville’s Lakeside Park, hanging out for a few and then riding back.There was six of us on the ride out and five back which I was really stoked about. The ride was about 80km, the weather was perfect and the pace was moving.

I’d never done the ride before but fortunately 3 of the guys we rode with had so it was smooth sailing the whole way.

All in all the ride was a great time with great people. Huge thanks to Megan, Boris, Goran, Zack and Mike for coming out and making it a great ride. Now all that’s left to do is figure out what the next big ride will be.

Below are the top photos of the day but if you want to check out more you can see the days Instagrams HERE