Fixed to Oakville


I’m finally in town for a weekend and want to go for a good ride. Anyone care to join?

The ride is this Saturday (the 28th) riding fixed gear from the Princes’ Gates at the Ex to Lakeside Park in Oakville and back. It’s 40km there and 40 back. I’ve never done the ride before so I have no idea what the roads are like. HERE is a link to the estimated route but again, I’ve never ridden it so there is a good chance that I’ll get lost somewhere along the way.

It won’t be a crazy fast pace but it won’t be slow either.

Bring enough food and fluids to keep you hydrated.

Hit me up if your interested in joining or just comment below. I plan on leaving at 8am sharp.

If your coming along and tweeting or taking photos hastag them with #Fixed2Oakville