Ride for Heart 2012: The Story, The Photoset


Early Morning Start... And I'm off

Today was the day, the big ride. For years I’ve wanted to do the Ride for Heart but there has always been a reason why I couldn’t. Well, this year everything came together so I signed up and started preparing. I signed up for the 75k ride because hell, if your going to go, go big, that and I wanted a challenge and 50k wasn’t a good enough challenge.

This morning I was up early, I mean really early, 4:45am early, too early. My wife and pooch walked with me to the start to see me off. The ride started at 6am although I didn’t take off until quarter after, I’m certainly not the fastest mover in the morning. I didn’t know what to expect from the ride but I was excited and ready for the challenge.

My bike for the ride was my one and only fixed gear and truthfully I wasn’t sure how it’d do and how I’d be received but I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the reaction I got. People were curious, people were impressed and people were jokingly saying “I was hoping you were only riding the 25k with that thing, your making the rest of us look bad“. Another man said; “Is that fixed? let me know if you need one of my 37 gears” haha. And lastly “I knew I’d find a real man out here somewhere” It was fantastic. All in all the people were incredibly friendly and the ride had a great vibe. I think I saw about 10ish others riding fixed gear. It was just a matter of having the right gear and fortunately I did.

The week leading up to the ride the weather was not looking like it was going to co-operate but today, the weather came through and I didn’t feel a spot of rain the entire time. The ride went as good as it could have. Good weather, good people, good fun.

I finished the 75km’s in 2:52 which I was impressed to hell with as the week before I’d done an 82km ride in 3:30.

Check out the photos below and enjoy.

The views and the road were incredible.

Great views again coming back into the city as well

Love this photo, had to post it.

Almost done
And that's it for the ride. It was great to see the finish line.

That's it that's all... for this year anyway.

In the end I ended up raising $300 doing 3 times my initial goal. There is still time to donate though. If you still feel like supporting a great cause you can do it HERE

Well, that’s it that’s all folks… for this year anyway. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

UPDATE: For anybody not familiar with this event, once a year Becel and the Heart and Stroke Foundation shut down two of the main highways in Canada’s largest city (Toronto) so that the participants of the event can ride their bikes on roads they normally drive/commute on. It’s the only day of the year you can ride your bikes on these highways so it’s an event you don’t want to miss. The ride can be done as a 25km ride, a 50km ride or a 75km ride.