Rapha Cityscopes Photo Contest


A couple of weeks ago I got a message on twitter from Rumorator giving me a heads up about a Rapha Photo contest and that it was right up my alley. Of course that got me curious and pretty stoked! I headed over to the site to check it out and immediately submitted a couple of my favorite cycling POV shots.

Earlier today I noticed someone I follow on Instagram posted that two of there photos had been used in second gallery college. This made me more curious as to if any of mine had been chosen so I headed over to the Rapha Blog and sure enough, one of my photos was chosen in gallery 1. Mine is photo B, it’s one of my favorite cycling photos I’ve taken so far and I can’t tell you how honored I was that one of my photos was chosen.

I’m up against some great photos so if you’d like to help me out, head over to and vote for me HERE. All you have to do is leave a comment with the letter B.

I love these kinds contests and have my fingers crossed pretty hard that I win.