New Gear Day


Well today was a fun day. For a while now I’ve been steadily updating and upgrading my cycling gear and today a few new additions joined to fam. Today I added my first new pair of proper cycling shoes the Giro Privateer MTB after seeing them on Prolly is not Probably and hearing how highly he spoke of them. I also chose them because one of my beefs with road cycling shoes is how difficultly, awkward and frustrating they are to walk in when you’re not on the bike. So while I do all of my riding on the road on my fixed, sometimes I do like getting off my bike, grabbing a coffee and walking around a bit and I’m confident that these will do the job nicely. I’ve got to admit, I also love the gum sole, they look so good.

Next up I picked up some new Shimano pedals to go with my new shoes as my look pedals wont work. I didn’t go crazy on the pedals but I do think they will work out well.

Lastly I hooked up some new spandex. Today I grabbed some new shorts and yesterday I ordered myself a Mash Shop Jersey. I’ve tried to get a Mash kit before but they fly out of stock so damn fast that I’ve never been able to. Spandex is a bit of a tough spot for me. I’ve never been a huge fan of spandex or the spandex mafia in the past, you know, those dudes that get all kitted out and then spend more time coasting than peddling but there is a point when you when riding in jeans for long rides is no longer the most comfortable feeling and it becomes time to swallow your pride and put on some spandex. Well, that day has arrived. I’ll spare you the photo of me in spandex although I’m sure my wife will snap one at some point. I will however show you the top I got. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Now I’m just about finished, I’d really like a new set of wheels and then I can quit it on the spending for a while. At the moment I’m strongly leaning towards a set of new H Plus Son Archetypes laced with some proper hubs but we’ll see what happens there.

As the Ride for Heart gets closer it’s put a good pressure on me to get my gear situation sorted and finally it’s starting to. If you haven’t donated yet time is starting to run out quickly. Any size donation is greatly appreciated. You can donate HERE.

All that’s left to do now is get the new gear on the bike and go out for a rip. I love new gear day and today was no exception.