Another Ride, Another POV Photoset


As I mentioned earlier today, I’ve just signed up for the Ride For Heart so shortly after signing up I thought it might be a good idea to head out for a ride, seeing as I’d just signed up to ride the 75km route. Today’s ride was about 45km which is normal for the type of rides I do, it’s the last 30km that’s going to be tough. I don’t really ride crazy hard but I don’t like to dawdle either, I just try and keep a steady, swift pace. One thing I have started to realize is that I’m in desperate need of a new crankset and bottom bracket. Mine is currently off a bike that my dad found years ago that was being thrown away. Time for an upgrade for sure. Before I ride the ride for heart I have to get that and my gearing sorted out as my current set up is no longer working for me or it’s going to be a tough ride.

Anyway, back to today’s ride. It was supposed to be 21 degrees in Toronto today but it wasn’t even close, not right on the lake anyway. Most of the ride was riding right into a strong headwind which felt like I was riding into a wall. The rest of the ride was amazing, wind at my back and just flying along. Headwinds… Suck! Here are a few of the top photos from today’s ride.


Please enjoy the view of up my nose 🙂 I just really liked this photo.