The Rhys Chair


I was just perusing my sites analytics to how people are finding my site, something I do more often than I should probably admit and something caught my eye. Someone had gotten to my site by searching for “Rhys Chair” and while I know I’ve posted on a couple of chairs in the past I had to google search it for myself to find what they may have been looking for and then I found this.

The Rhys Chair from Anthropologie

Now… I think, by default, due to my name and all, I should be given a couple of these or at least one. I could see a couple of these looking really good at the cottage or a future home that has the space to accommodate them. I especially like them with the matching Rhys Ottoman although that combination would bring the price up to a hefty $3500 per chair ottoman combo which I’m not going to lie is about 10 times out of the price range I could currently afford to spend. I think for that price I’d probably buy myself a EamesĀ® Lounge and Ottoman combo but that’s just me.

Personally I think the Rhys Chair would look better in a black leather but maybe that’ll be released in the future and hopefully by that time I’ll be able to afford them.

Nice looking chair, Great name!

For more info check out the Rhys Chair @ Anthropologie

Rhys Chair: $2,498.00
Rhys Ottoman: $998