Levi’s Spring 2012 Commuter Series


In the past week or so Levi’s showed the world it’s spring 2012 Commuter Series collection (photo below) which added a few new colours to the line-up. Today we get the accompanying promo video. I bought the first generation Commuters and I have to say they are my favorite pants that I own. I’ve put many miles on and off the bike with them and they do just as they promise. They are always my go to on a day to day and are great for Canadian winters as they don’t get mucked up by the snow and slush. My only request to Levi’s would be to make them in a 32W x 30L or a 33W x 30L. I’ll certainly be adding some of the Spring colours to my collection… and that black jacket looks amazing. They’re great pants and I highly recommend them.

From what I can see the Spring collection may not be available quite yet but should be in stores in the coming weeks.

If your in the Toronto area I noticed that Bikes on Wheels mentioned they had just gotten some in (Not the spring 2012 though yet) and the Levi’s stores carry them as well.

Freshness Mag has an extremely comprehensive look at them as well.