2011 Recap.


2011 was a pretty monumental year for me, one that I’ll never forget. I got married to my beautiful wife, moved back from Vancouver to Toronto, lived in three homes in one year and drove across this incredible country. In hindsight it’s probably been one of the most monumental years in my life to date.

Going forward my wife and I are starting off the new year with more changes. We’ve just got the keys to our new place in downtown Toronto which will be our first Toronto home together and we’re both really stoked on that. The coming year also holds a lot more excitement, New York, the UK and London, Paris, the cottage and lots more.

I’ve always loved starting a new year because you get to look back and reflect on the goods and the bad’s of the past year while looking forward with excitement to the coming year. It should be a good one.

I wish all of you a great, healthy year and look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

All the best,