2013 Audi A4 Allroad


Today Audi revealed it’s all new 2013 A4 line up and while they all look incredible this is the one that caught my attention. I have yet to see anything stating whether or not it’ll be available in Canada yet but my fingers are crossed. The engine options appear to be same as the current models which is plenty sufficient. The exterior looks so slick. The flared wheel wells give it that slightly more rugged look. The interior looks typical Audi which is great but those rustic wood accents add a really nice touch.

This looks like the perfect all wheel drive, cottage runner, photographer gear carrier, snowboard hauler, city stunner, all around and “Allroad” car and… I WANT!

There has never been a question that an Audi wagon will very likely be our next family car and while I highly doubt we’ll be ready to buy a new car by the time this arrives it will definitely be at the top of our hit list in coming years.

For all the details and a ton more photos check out Autoblog