Red Bull Mini Drome Toronto Re-Cap


This past Saturday Red Bull brought the worlds smallest velodrome to Toronto. I’d seen the videos from cities that had already had the event so when I heard it was coming here I had to check it out. Unfortunately due to a number of personal events it was proving to be quite a challenge for me to get down to the Brickworks to check it but finally I got down there and wow, what an incredible event. There was a good cross section of people in attendance and surprisingly not everyone was riding track bikes, it was however everything I was looking for: Good racing, good crashes, good crowd, and good times. I’ve posted the video re-cap from Red Bull that does an excellent rundown of the event. I wanted to shoot some photos of my own but in the mayhem of my day forgot to bring my proper camera so I only got a few with my iPhone that didn’t turn out so great but they’re below also. Congrats to Addison Zawada for his third straight win and thanks to Red Bull for bringing it to a city near me. The only thing left to say is I hope if comes back next year, I may even give it a shot myself.