This is My Studio Session


Back on April 8th I caught wind that DC Life was launching a new shoe, The Studio Shoe, in conjunction with renowned street culture blogger Marcus Troy. The two joined forces and created My Studio Session, a micro site that took 7 of the most prolific street culture bloggers and got their perspective of what they thought of the new sneaks.

The Studio features a really clean, sophisticated low profile look and are made of a custom leather finish DC has dubbed Bounce Suede. The material is resistant to showing wear, is so soft and always looks tidy. All in all they look really solid.

When I first saw the site and the shoe I immediately got really stoked on the clean silhouette and the campaign that was supporting it. They released a new video once a week for seven weeks, each featuring a new blogger and their point of view. By this point I’d established that I really wanted them, I just had to find them. Shortly afterwords I heard they were going to be having a contest and giving away a pair, this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss even though I was damn sure I had no chance of being one of the ones picked. Well, I was wrong. I turned out to be one of the lucky seven picked to win a pair of The Studio Shoe. There was only one stipulation, I was asked, once I got the them, if I could take a photo of the shoes to show my interpretation of the them… Ummmmm… YES! yes, I can do that… absolutely no problem.

In my current line of work as an Art Director I don’t get a lot of opportunity to shoot much any more, don’t get me wrong I love what I do but from time to time it’s nice to have a reason to pick up my camera and head out to see if I’ve “still got it”. Also as an Art Director who grew up in the skate / snow scene and is now in a corporate environment I’m always looking for ways to have my style and personality show through in a more conservative setting. When I saw the Studio Shoe I felt it fit the bill to a T. This was just the opportunity I was looking for. This whole experience seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. All the stars aligned to be honest and totally cliché.

Last week my shoes arrived so I grabbed my camera and headed out to create My Studio Session. This is what I’ve come up with: A series of 7 trip-tics that are my interpretation of the DC Life Collection Studio Shoe. (One is at the top)

I wore the shoes for the first time today and damn are they comfortable (I didn’t want to wear them until I’d shot them). I’m just loving them. I’d like to send a huge thank you to DC Life Collection and Hommy Diaz for creating the shoe, hooking me up with a pair and getting me to pick up my camera again. All in all it’s been a great experience.

Thanks again.