Toronto Bound


20110616-095211.jpgI’ve always dreamed of having one of those cool jetset jobs where your flying back and forth to New York, London, Tokyo and Paris and then home again, always at the forefront of cool and the next big trend. To date my only reason to get on a plane is to fly home to visit family and friends. Don’t get me wrong that’s a fantastic reason to fly its just that I don’t get to do it that often.

Today I’m flying home to Toronto for a quick weekend visit to spend some QT with family. I’m looking forward to a taste of real summer, not this minsey 16 degree shit we’ve been getting in Vancouver so far.

Today is also my first time flying in a year and a half and wow have things changed. Firstly: my phone is now my boarding pass which is 100% awesome. It feels all jetsons like.
Secondly: I was randomly selected for screening which means you choose between a full body pat down and that new full body scanner. I got really stoked and opted for the scanner. It was my first opportunity to try one out. The guy looked at me straight faced and said “your fine” I knew I was I just really excited to try out the scanner.

After I was given the goahead to go through I went and walked to the totally wrong end of the airport…such a newb. A nice lady at the info center must have seen the confusion on my face and pointed me in the right direction.

Now I sit here waiting to catch a redeye flight home. I’ve got to admit, my experience has been a lot of fun, really exciting and new. I’m super excited to go home and to Toronto and for the rest of my weekend. It’s been far too long.