CYCLEANGELO: A Presentation by Angelo Calilap


It’s amazing to think of what Angelo Calilap aka Cycleangelo has accomplished and contributed to the fixed gear world in one year. His signature bike portraits have popped up on just about every fixed blog out there and have been replicated by many. He’s done his own thing and has received endless amounts of praise for it. I guess the icing on the cake to cap off monumental first year of blogging/ photo-blogging is to have a presentation that features a year of work and what better place to do it than at an Apple store… Wow!
This is one of those time when I wish I still lived out east because I’d be seriously considering a quick trip down to NYC to check this out.
Huge congrats to Cycleangelo, keep producing amazing work and we’ll keep admiring it.

The show Details are:
CYCLEANGELO: A Presentation by Angelo Calilap
May 27 2011
Apple Store | 401 West 14th Street

Here is the blurb from Apple.
Celebrating Bike Month NYC: Angelo Calilap
Angelo Calilap began his blog CYCLEANGELO in 2009 to document his new-found passion for bikes and the culture surrounding them. At this event, meet Angelo and find out how he combined that passion with his love of photography to start a personal blog about rediscovering New York City on two wheels while snapping photos along the way. Find out how he uses the Mac and his iPhone to help create and maintain his blog.