Basket Case


I’ve gotten this thing in my head that I want to get a basket for my bike. I’m not sure what set it off but about a week ago something clicked and since then I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I saw a guy rolling around town last summer with a black out fixed gear sporting a basket and I remember thinking it looked both a little strange and really good, useful and productive. I don’t even know what I’ll carry in my basket but it’ll probably be my camera or my dog. So, since this new revelation I’ve started looking for examples / inspiration and have gotten well on my way.
My personal favorite is one in the middle with the Spinergy, it looks so fresh. Massan’s Leader 722ts looks really nice as well as does the bigger image right below it. Bottom line… My bike may be getting some updates in the near future. I’m also thinking a basket dream machine, something like an Affinity Lo Pro with a Corima 4 Spoke on the front, an H Plus Son Eero on the back, all the goods in the middle, blacked out everything and a kick ass basket up front. Sounds perfect to me.

The top two photos are by Cycleangelo
The one with the Yellow background is by Rat Mice
I’m not sure where the others came from but will gladly give the photographers credit if someone knows who they are.