Steven Jensen


Steven Jensen from SKYLMT on Vimeo.

Let me start by saying that I’m not at all a Fixed Gear Freestyle guy. I don’t know shit about it and to be honest I’m not terribly interested in it. I don’t question the skill it takes, it looks hard as hell it’s just until now I haven’t seen it look very good with maybe the exception of SWOO’s latest video. I like the go-fast or mellow cruise with friends shit. That being said I saw this pop up on a number of sites today so I gave it a watch and… holy shit! This dude Steven Jensen rips. Most of the Fixed Freestyle videos I’ve seen to date have looked a bit awkward but this guy is smooth as butter. He makes it look as though he’s riding a BMX which in my opinion is the way freestyle cycling of whatever sort should look… it’s the benchmark. Anyway, if for whatever reason you like this kind of thing and haven’t yet seen this video I strongly suggest you watch it. If there was a benchmark to be set for Fixed Freestyle this guy just set it. Looking forward to seeing more out of him.