Behance ProSite


Behance ProSite from Behance on Vimeo.

The largest creative network site Behance have recently launched a new program called the Behance ProSite which enables creatives to build their own customized portfolios using personal URL’s that connect with the existing Behance profiles. The concept is pretty fantastic as one of the hardest aspects of being a creative professional is putting together a website that best reflects the work you do. They’ve made the designing of the site super simple which is great if your specialty is not web design and if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to display you can always just select the projects that have received the best reaction from your Behance network. It’s a pretty ingenious idea to be honest. It’s only $11 a month which is very reasonable. If you’re a creative and your portfolio site is in need of a refresh it may be a good place to start.