Listening To. (All FREE)


I’ve been listening to tons of music lately and have been meaning to share for a while. Here’s what I’ve had on the mix. The best part is none of them will cost you a dime.


Stalley’s album Lincoln Way Nights is not so new, it’s been out since early February but it’s new to me. The only way I can think to describe it is some good ol fashion Hip Hop. Good beat, good lyrics and good sound. Go On is my top pick. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, click on the album cover to get downloading.





XV’s Zero Heros is the most poppy of the group but fits that summer soundtrack sound perfectly.I got put onto this one and Teenage Kicks by Villains. It’s light, feelgood Hip Hop… BBQ music. The sound from song to song is pretty diverse but all in all really good. U.F.C. is my top choice. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, click on the album cover to get downloading.






I first hear about The Stuyvesants through Montreals fixed gear shop Brakeless a couple of months ago and since then they’ve been popping up all over the place including DC’s / Marcus Troy’s My Studio Sessions( I’m still looking for those damn shoes too… I NEED!). Back to The Stuyvesants, the sound is super relaxed, laid back Motownesque supported by a great beats. I start most of my mornings off to it and if I need to unwind after a stressful day it’s the first album I turn to. It’s a good one to have and again… It’s FREE.





Pusha T first solo mixtape Fear of God… This shit is just raw. Everything is super tight and the sound is HUGE! It’s hard and aggressive and gets me super pumped every time I hear it. It’s been out for a little while but if you have yet to download it I strongly suggest you do. This could well be the mixtape of the year. How this is free I have no idea.





This one may seem like the odd one of the bunch but I can’t stop listening to it. The album is Rational Anthems EP by Teenage Kicks. Brooklyn Bridge is my personal favorite. From what I know they hail from Toronto. Their sound is somewhere between Social D, The Foo Fighters and Samiam but simultaneously distinctly their own. It’s really really good. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Click on the album cover to get downloading.