Leica Portrait: Alessio Pizzicannella


I guess I’m on a Leica kick right now. I’ve never owned one but damn I’d love one. A year or two ago they came out with a white M8 and I wanted it soo bad, I’d love it if they came out with with a white M9 but it’d be a huge stretch to ever afford it.
This episode of Portrait features Music photographer Alessio Pizzicannella as he talks about his love of photography, music, portraits and his Leica S2. Towards the end of the interview he talks about how every camera he used up to that point was a tool and his S2 was the first one that made him feel like a photographer and for some reason that really struck a cord with me. I’ve shot Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Contax, Mamiya and Hasselblad and it wasn’t until I shot my Hassy for the first time that I really felt passionate about the camera (me being a dumb ass sold then went and sold it).

A Leica is at the top of my list for cameras to own as soon as possible. I’d love to see Leica do an interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara (godfather of Harajuku culture) I never seen a photo of him without his trusty Leica and I’ve never seen him shot twice with the same one.

Oh, I’m missing photography a fair bit these days.

Anyway, this is another great video with another exceptional photographer not as though Leica would ever disappoint.