Listening To


The Cogent Project is the creative outlet of Adam Lastiwka who came out with his new album about a week ago. The album has been accompanied by a few of remixes and other offerings. The collection is incredible. The music has so many layers (like an onion) and so much depth with hugely diverse influences. The sound is best described by his Facebook Fan Page
“The Cogent Project was conceived when an innocent young boy overheard a rusted old Robot getting a blowjob from an Angry Vacuum cleaner with sharp teeth in the middle of the street during rush hour traffic…”
INCREDIBLE! “The sound of an 11 armed drummer with 8 brains and no face, The sound of a guitar player having a seizure, The sound of a fat guy playing bass, The sound of stepping on duck and squeezing a cat under water.”
It’s very electronic, a lot of it is very ambient, mellow and experimental. I’m loving it. It’s one of those albums that you listen to and can see it coming to life, something similar to the robot mentioned above.
Keep an eye on Facebook Fan Page for the latest.
Check it out and enjoy!