Fiat 500 comes to Canada


Today I was driving home when I passed a Chrysler dealership and blurted out holly shit the Fiat 500 is available in Canada? My lady was mid story and was like WTF is a Fiat 500 and why is it important enough to interrupt my story? Then began my history lesson on the iconic car which apparently made her regret having asked. Anyhow, I got home, googled it and sure enough Chrysler has brought lil Fiat to Canada. If you want the full history lesson they’ve got it at Fiat Canada It’s a nifty little car that’ll compete against the Mini but comes in quite a bit cheaper. If you live in an urban center and are looking for a car with a little more flavor than a Yaris then check em out. The power is enough, the mileage is great and it has the attention to design that you’d expect from an Italian car. I look forward to seeing them ripping around the city.

For more information and pricing check out Fiat Canada.

To get a flavor for it check out James May from Top Gears experience with it.