Audi A3 Sedan Concept


Not sure how I missed this but WOW! Ok, if you haven’t noticed I’m on a new car kick this week and that’s because it’s the Geneva Auto Week which, if your out of the loop, is one of the largest auto shows of the international circuit.
Now that that’s explained let’s get back to Audi’s A3 Sedan Concept. All the other great cars I’ve mentioned have now been put on the back burner, this is my favorite of the show hands down and this is why: As cars evolve they have a habit of getting bigger and bigger with every remodel. The BMW 3 Series for instance is now a larger car than the 5 Series of 10 years ago and that was a bigger mid-size car. So, when companies like Audi or BMW bring in cars like this new A3 Sedan or 1 Series what they are doing in essence is bringing back the purity and driving pleasure of their past. The cars that gave them their heritage as high performance sports sedans and this A3 is a perfect example of it done oh, so, right. It’s tighter, more aggressive, more agile and has a much higher power to weight ratio. This one packs 408 horsepower out of a turbocharged five-cylinder engine that can rip through 100kph in a mind blowing 4.1seconds and it has all wheel drive and all that equals FUCK YEAH! If it hits production and makes it’s way to Canada then yes, I will be looking at picking one up as soon as possible. On a side note I noticed on Mr. Benny Gold’s twitter that he just picked himself up a new Audi…Very nice sir.

All the tech details are at AUTOBLOG as per usual. If your looking for the latest in cars it’s the site to hit.

Here are some more pics but again there are a lot more on AUTOBLOG

iPad integration, very nice.

So clean

Now that's some sweet automotive ass 🙂