NEW! Canon Rebel T3i


I’ve got the T1i and my biggest complaint is that I don’t have manual control over the aperture or exposure. I know they resolved this with the T2i but I don’t have that one and that pisses me off. Now I’ve just hear that T3i has been released and it doesn’t sound like much of a change from the T2i except for the art filters (which sounds pretty cool) and the swivel screen (which also sounds pretty cool). Seeing as the hopefully upcoming 5D mk 3 will be quite a bit out of my price range his is looking like it has the potential to be a good upgrade. We’ll see. Oh, they released some other cameras too but to be honest I don’t care about those so I didn’t post them. The new Pro Lenses look good. They’re over at DPreview with the rest of your camera news.

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