Hot Cars Get Priced


YES PLEASE! All the pieces to the new McLaren puzzle are coming together. The latest piece is the pricing. The new McLaren MP4-12C will set you back a whopping but somehow reasonable $229,000 USD. This is the top of my list for exotic cars I’ll never be able to afford. For more info on this super rad dream car check out AUTOBLOG

On a polar opposite yet still “exotic” car. The newest Aston in the line-up is the baby Cygnet will be available in two colours at launch, black and white. I’ve got to admit I love this little car and would be surprising stoked to whip around town in one of these. The price is £30,995 which while being extremely steep for a re-masked Toyota IQ it is dressed up in the finest materials and still manages to look 1000 times better than the Toyota. More exotic car companies will be releasing city cars in the coming years to meet new average fuel consumption laws popping up in the UK and Europe. Lotus has a pretty sweet one coming down the pipes as well.
Again for more details check out AUTOBLOG

I’d take the black one.