Bro-Sesh 3.2


Here’s the second installment of Bro-Sesh’s 3rd season. As always it looks like a great night out and man is Stef rocking a serious beard.

This is a free* Wednesday night snowboard sesh. We are currently in our third year of throwing down BRO-SESH’s (that just happen to be at Glen Eden).
These sessions are for snowboarders who want to BRO-down in the terrain park, with like minded members of the community. Prizes are given out; not for the best trick (although sometimes that does happen) but for having the most BRO-taculer attitude.
Our Wednesday nights are Awesome, you’ll have to come to really get the whole picture. Dates will be up as soon as the season begins.
From the Mustache Media Vimeo page.

For more info scope the Bro-Sesh Facebook Fan Page.