Mini Paceman Concept


Yesterday I was walking through Yaletown and I walked past the Mini dealership. Parked outside the front was the new Mini Countryman. I stopped to take a good look and got busted my a passer by for admiring it as much as I was. I guess the big smile on my face gave away that I really linked it. I’ve been a huge fan of Mini’s as long as I can remember and have really loved all of the new ones. The new Countryman is the first 4 door, all wheel drive variant of the Mini which I dig as it’s more suitable to my lifestyle. Now they’ve just shown us the Paceman, a much sportier, two door version of the Countryman. Still a little taller than the standard Mini’s and would be available with all wheel drive but now it looks go-fast. This thing is slick. To be honest I’d love anything from the Mini line-up but this Paceman or the Countryman are at the top of my list.

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Mini Countryman