GoPro this Christmas


Still looking for the perfect gift for the adventure enthusiast this Christmas, maybe your looking to pick yourself up the perfect gift. It’s the end of the year, you’ve worked hard, you deserve it. GoPro and their series of HD wearable cameras are without a doubt the hot item guaranteed to get them stoked this Christmas. I’ve personally got one at the very top of my list.
My recommend is to go with the high end version the 1080p. It has and will have more accessories available for it, it’s the highest resolution and it has 60fps at 720p which is killer for getting the perfect slow-mo shot of those power powder corners or gnarly triple kink rails. If you’re not into shooting video it’ll do still shots every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 secs. and 3 photo burst with it’s self-timer. The wide angle lenses have 170 degree views getting everything in the shot and keeping tack sharp, are waterproof down to 60 meters and are most importantly shock proof which for any action sport is key.
There are tons of great inexpensive accessories available for just about any application. If you haven’t heard of these cameras yet you need to check them out. They’re available at Future Shop just in time for Christmas so you can see them in person if you want to sus them out first. These camera’s are a game changer. No longer do you need to ride with caution in fear that you’ll wreck your camera and at a starting price of $199 you’re not going to break the bank either. Every time I think of these I get so amped to go out and play. Grab one as a gift or get one for yourself this holiday and go out and get the good footie.

For all the details, video’s ect check out GoPro and to get your hands on one hit up you local Future Shop.