Does Blackberry Still have a Chance?


Today I saw that Apple and the iPhone has now surpassed Blackberry in US market share for smartphones. So my question is do they still have a chance or is that it for them, just a matter of time before they become as useless as Nokia (sorry if you’ve got one).

Recently Blackberry has released 3 new phones, two totally new and one refreshed Bold that now has OS6. The two new phones, the Torch and the Style are gorgeous and it’s obvious who they are trying to attract with it. I’ve got to be honest, I really like the Style, I used to love flip phone I just needed more out of them and now have gotten so used to a full proper keyboard it’s hard to imagine life without one. If Blackberry would allow for a Polaroid app then my increasing urge to jump ship to an iPhone would be greatly reduced which, as trivial as it sounds, really means a LOT to me. The new ads from Blackberry are obviously trying to overlook the phones lack of creativity by showing individuals in creative fields loving they’re Blackberries and they kind of work. For a minute they had me fooled.

We’ll what do you think?

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Here are the latest BB ads that may sway your decision… or not.