DC’s got some new news


DC has some new news. In the past two days they have both announced their Canadian Snowboard team what what! and they’ve also announced the dates to this years Ride Along Tour. Today was the announcement of the the new additions to the Canadian snow team  which includes riders Jody Wachniak, Cory Gallon, Antonin Chamberland, Jeremy Cloutier, and Didier Godbout.

“It’s time to roll out an activation program that provides the right opportunities for this team to shine” said Mike Scott, DC’s Canadian Marketing Manager. “With a well-rounded Canadian team now in place, it looks like it’s going to be a busy year.”

The DC Snowboard Team in Canada is now Andrew Geeves, Raewyn Reid, Rupert Davies, Max Honneger, Logan Haubrich, Chris Colard, Sebb Leclair and new additions Jody Wachniak, Cory Gallon, Anto Chamberland, Jeremy Cloutier and Didier Godbout. Completely maxed out as you’d expect from DC.

Congrats to the new members of the team, we look forward to seeing this years video parts.

Secondly, DC is kicking off the 2011 season with the announcement of the Ride Along Tour TWO. It did so we’ll last year they decided to bring it back, better than ever. The Ride Along Tour TWO will have the DC Snow team visiting mountains across North America and Canada throughout November and December. Riders including Devun Walsh, Travis Rice, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Raewyn Reid, Andrew Geeves, Jody Wachniak, Cory Gallon, Anto Chamberland, Jeremy Cloutier, and Didier Godbout will be doing on mountain demos and visiting local shops to get people excited to shred this upcoming season.  If your in one of the areas or anywhere close it’d be worth checking out.

To shop the DC Winter Collection visit http://www.dcshoes.com/snow and for all the latest news on the team and updates from the tour stay tuned to DC’s Facebook and Twitter.