420 thought of the day! The Anarchy 420 Series.


Funny how on 10 10 10 we are posting on 420, oh well. Anarchy is expanding its well-receive 420 Series with three new styles, just in time for October (a half-year after April 20).

The line-up includes:

  • The 420 Blacken is a lightweight, minimalist model for guys that don’t want a lot going on on their face when they have things going on elsewhere.
  • The 420 Rally is the next iteration of professional surfer Corey Lopez’ signature sunglass.  Similarly shaped to the Blacken, it features a larger frame and lenses for fuller coverage.
  • The 420 Transfer is an aggressive style that’s quickly become an Anarchy team favorite. An angular shape and full lenses keep your game in check.

All three models in the new Anarchy 420 Series come with polarized lenses, so your vision can be crystal clear, even if your mind isn’t.

Available now at Anarchy retailers and via www.anarchyeyewear.com.