DVS is Fixed!


DVS has recently been aligning itself with the exploding trend of fixie/fixed gear/track bike riding…whatever you like to call it. They are sponsoring all kinds of great cycling events – Fast Fridays for one – and it seems that every fixie site I check out has DVS front and center.

The fit seems perfect. DVS has made amazing shoes for years including two of my all time favorites, the DVS Luxe Doze and the DVS Millan and when they discontinued both I’ll be honest, my heart sank. Well the Luxe Doze are still gone, much to my dissapointment, but the Millans are back and I’m fuckin amped.

DVS has done a few fixie collabs now with Cadence, Keirin and Pedal Consumption. Each of them have looked incredible. The latest, their collection with Cadence includes both shoes and clothes and there is more to come…Amazing! Check em out after the jump.

(I need this jacket…and all of the shoes as well for that matter)

Here are the past shoes they have done collabs with.

(So nice)

DVS has always had a strong foot hold (pardon the pun) in emerging sports and scenes and it’s been one of their best qualities along with making great shoes of course.